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iD Award Nominee – Best Product Designer: Rinaldy Yunardi

In celebration of our 14th anniversary, we are extending our appreciation to those who have made significant contributions to the improvement of design in Indonesia by presenting Indonesia Design Best Design Awards. This is Rinaldy Yunardi, a nominee in the Best Product Designer category.

Rinaldy Yunardi is a shining example of a successful designer who was blessed with a natural talent. When he was working a regular office job, the well-known designer started out transforming cut wire and pieces of acrylic material into headpieces out of curiosity. Following his interest, Rinaldy started his fashion business 21 years ago producing accessories for other fashion designers. At the time, he was best known for his tiaras.

Combining his natural talent, curiosity and determination, his work has become famous in the Indonesian fashion industry and around the world. Celebrities such as Titi DJ, Andien, Krisdayanti, and international stars like Aaron Kwok, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry are big fans of his work. Using a couturier approach to creating his accessories, this award-winning designer has also expanded his work into artwork installation. He impressed us again with his latest achievement on becoming the Supreme Award Winner in the World of Wearable Awards Show in Wellington, New Zealand, September 2017.

Rinaldy Yunardi_2

Rinaldy Yunardi

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