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Hollow Men

It is definitely not new, but it’s still awesome! Statues that were made by the French artist Bruno Catalano give the meaning of completeness when are displayed invisible, hollow, and incomplete.

Catalano showed the men and women who were displayed without completed major organs. From the head to the upper chest appears complete, including one part of the hands and legs from the knees down. The rest part is totally empty. The imagination of the viewer is really needed to translate what he wants. In collaboration with his daughter, Catalano was inspired by previous work as a sailor who often travels anywhere when designing these statues. The invisible bodies represent a world citizen. Both of them use bronze material and they begin the process of carving the characters with clay before finally forming the desired hollow human statue in 15 working days.

260115 - Product - HollowMan_4 (Anton) - photo Bruno Catalano_rev
Photo by Bruno Catalano
260115 - Product - HollowMan_1 (Anton) - photo Bruno Catalano
Photo by Bruno Catalano


260115 - Product - HollowMan_2 (Anton) - photo Bruno Catalano
Photo by Bruno Catalano
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