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Check Out Our New Graffiti-Filled Rooftop


Passing over the Antasari flyover, a sudden bit of color appears in a mural atop a nondescript ruko. A wall on the rooftop offered a blank slate for a zestful work. @iecha_snc, an architect who also works in the building, got the support from her office to “bomb” the once-grey wall. She asked other two graffiti writers, @poetry_88 and @zzzany13 to collaborate. Quickly, they joined forces for some of @zzzany13’s blue wildstyle, a splash of @poetry_88’s pink-shades graffiti and @iecha_snc’s teal T-rex princess bedecking the first wall. @zzzany13 posted on his Instagram Story, which intrigued a bored-graffiti whiz nearby. @darbotz asked if there was any spot left to be bombed and quickly joined the impromptu free-style invitation. That rainy night, the other wall was transformed within two hours into a spraypaint-melange of @darbotz’s signature monochrome squids and @zzzany13’s bubble letters. No need to dig street art to enjoy these public personas. Once the rush hour over Antasari flyover begins, it is safe to turn your head left.

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