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Championing Jewellery Design with Atlas Pearls

Nobody can forget Audrey Hepburn’s charming performance in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with her pearl necklace combined with a classic little black dress. Way before that, pearls had been used as jewellery since ancient Greek times. Today, pearls still have a place in modern jewellery trends. The designs have become more varied, from antique to modern. Atlas Pearls, an Australian ASX listed company, is one of the global leaders in eco-pearling, specialising in the highly sought after silver and white South Sea Pearl. Their pearl farms include those Alor, Lembata, Flores, Papua and Bali. Just a few months ago Atlas Pearls held a jewellery design competition in cooperation with Indonesia Design. Many designers submitted their ideas and the winners have been chosen.

Atlas Pearl - Design by Valerie Susilo

Finalist: Valerie Susilo
Design concept: DNA

Valerie adopted the concept of DNA to her design, where nobody has the exact same DNA and that means everyone has her own kind of beauty. In her design, she associates that uniqueness with Baroque pearls, which have inconsistent shapes that remind her of the diversity of the human character.

What she likes about pearls is their elegance and magnificence. When worn abundantly, they still don’t look overdone. The most challenging thing in designing the jewellery for Valerie was, “To design something unique but still highlighting the pearls because sometimes they can be overshadowed when combined with other materials.”

The competition gave Valerie her first experience in designing jewellery. It challenged her to come up with new creative ideas amongst her activities as a fashion designer. “Atlas Pearls is important for the sustainability of pearls because now most young people think that pearls are for the oldies, but Atlas Pearls is trying to change that mindset. Also, they help the economy especially in the remote areas where they built the environmentally friendly pearl farms,” Valerie adds.

Atlas Pearl - Design 2  by Valerie Susilo

Atlas Pearl - Design 1 by Valerie Susilo

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