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Championing Jewellery Design with Atlas Pearls

Nobody can forget Audrey Hepburn’s charming performance in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with her pearl necklace combined with a classic little black dress. Way before that, pearls had been used as jewellery since ancient Greek times. Today, pearls still have a place in modern jewellery trends. The designs have become more varied, from antique to modern. Atlas Pearls, an Australian ASX listed company, is one of the global leaders in eco-pearling, specialising in the highly sought after silver and white South Sea Pearl. Their pearl farms include those Alor, Lembata, Flores, Papua and Bali. Just a few months ago Atlas Pearls held a jewellery design competition in cooperation with Indonesia Design. Many designers submitted their ideas and the winners have been chosen.

Atlas Pearl - Atlas Pearl Earcuff Face design by Agnes Olivia

Finalist: Agnes Olivia
Design concept: Duo Looks Pearl Ear Cuff

Agnes designed an ear cuff with two looks, where she used two kinds of closure that creates two different styles. The first one is elegant, where she uses the cup post back closure. The second one is bold and stylish, the kind of ear cuff to wear for parties at night, where she uses a screwball type of closure, connected with a dangling chain with a pearl at the bottom end. The ear cuff is made of flexible sterling silver that can be adjusted to the ear shape of the wearer and is gilded with rose gold colour.

Agnes understands that pearls have a classy image and that each pearl is unique. She also knows that a good quality pearl requires a thorough handling, which makes it a luxury item. “With the right combination, a piece of jewellery can give a strong or different impact and image to someone’s look. Sometimes it can even voice a fashion statement,” she says via a written interview with Indonesia Design. “And through this competition, I got to learn more about the types of pearls from the rich Indonesian oceans,” she adds.

Atlas Pearl - Agnes Olivia

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