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Bekraf & 8 Indonesian Designers Take New York

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf), or the Creative Economy Agency, has been tasked by the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo himself to oversee the economic growth of the country’s creative industry. Bekraf formulates strategies to showcase Indonesia’s best creative works that would eventually put Indonesia on the global creative map.





Indo Risakti

Yogyakarta-born Indo Risakti is a label that specialises in environmentally friendly decorative products for sustainable homes. Their collection
of baskets, vases, and other interior accessories are made using unused items that would otherwise be trash.

But, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure: with the help of skillful Indonesian artisans, Indo Risakti transforms old newspapers, waste candy wrappers, cloth cuttings, and cast-off materials like sea grass and natural straws, into artsy home décor items.

Find anything from wall mirrors to bags in a plethora of sizes, textures, materials, and shapes. The wall mirrors, for instance, come in frames that
are either woven, carved, painted, or plaited. While some would be a pleasant accessory for a contemporary home, others would be better poised for an ethnic-inspired interior concept.


Indo Risakti’s baskets also involve meticulous hand-weaving techniques. Choose from different types of baskets woven from banana barks, rattan, water hyacinth, and an array of other locally sourced natural materials. Whether to rest on a shelf in a living room for decorative purposes, or to serve as a storage or hamper, Indo Risakti baskets are both aesthetic and functional.

For a systemic yet artistic storage solution, opt for the woven boxes that come in sets of three, four or five. tuck your belongings away in the boxes to avoid clutter and know where everything is in an instant. Most sets come with matching lids for a neater look.
 Since its debut in 2012, Indo Risakti has consistently produced hand-crafted items with an emphasis on quality and material. They have exported significant volumes to Europe and the us For more information on Indo Risakti, please visit

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