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Bekraf & 8 Indonesian Designers Take New York

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf), or the Creative Economy Agency, has been tasked by the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo himself to oversee the economic growth of the country’s creative industry. Bekraf formulates strategies to showcase Indonesia’s best creative works that would eventually put Indonesia on the global creative map.




Braow Goods

Braow Goods, a Jakarta-based label that specialises in durable leather goods has been selected for its timeless designs and exceptional finishing. What started as a passion for owners Christanto and Densely quickly turned into a business, with a mission to make fine leather goods for everyday use that will last a lifetime.


Braow products are locally sourced, and then cut, stitched, and assembled by hand to meet an artisanal standard. The leathers are hand dyed and tanned using processed vegetable tanners to allow the material to darken and change shapes according to its usage over time. Leather is known to age gracefully due to patina, a soft gloss that gradually develops on the surface, giving an impression of a personality and character unique to each product.
 The collection ranges from something as small as a key wallet to larger tote bags. The Clementine card pouch
and Neema key wallet are the two internationally-favoured highlights of Braow’s array of leather goods. Inspired by envelopes, the Clementine pouch conveniently fits enough cards and is small enough to slip into a regular pocket. Meanwhile, Neema serves as a solution to misplacing loose keys. It has a keychain dangling from its side and two hooks on the leather that open up to two slot ideal for cash or cards.

For more storage, opt for Delilah, a wallet pouch that offers more spacious compartments. Dubbed part businesswoman, part wife, and part mother, Delilah is a versatile mini wallet that females would enjoy. With three sections in an 11 cm by 8 cm dimension, the
wallet fits up to 25 cards. the unisex, practically-named Clutch also allows more space, specifically for passports and other travel documents. the Clutch is fit for both formal and informal occasions. for the rest of Braow’s fine leather goods, please visit

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