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Bekraf & 8 Indonesian Designers Take New York

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf), or the Creative Economy Agency, has been tasked by the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo himself to oversee the economic growth of the country’s creative industry. Bekraf formulates strategies to showcase Indonesia’s best creative works that would eventually put Indonesia on the global creative map.

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Maharani Craft

Back in 1989, Maharani was involved in the silver industry, offering all kinds of products to all sorts of consumers. Fast forward to the turn of the millennium, the market saturated with one-stop destination. It was becoming more apparent that diverting attention to a niche was the wiser option.

In 2009, Bali-based Maharani established a sub-division that focuses on crafts. Within four years, under
the direction of Irene Setiawati and
by leveraging the resources at hand, Maharani re-emerges as Maharani Crafts, a label that focuses on creating decorative interior elements from corals and semi-precious stones. They offer household accessories including door knobs, drawer pulls, and table top ornaments ranging from napkin rings to picture frames.

NY Now will see Maharani’s best selling door and drawer knobs that are made from glittery druzy stones, colourful petrified woods, clam shells, brass, and coral stones, all sourced locally and processed by local skills men and women.


Expect to see art deco influences 
and subtle oceanic vibes in Maharani’s premium crafts. Some portray a
classic black and gold look with gilded brass frames, while some are more feminine options with floral designs and glimmering surfaces of crushed shells. Maharani also offers products that retain the natural look of each stone, which is mainly chunky and rough.

Precious, delicate and mysterious, Maharani’s handmade products make artistic embellishments for the home. Their collections can be spotted at a number of international exhibitions, and also at

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