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Bekraf & 8 Indonesian Designers Take New York

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf), or the Creative Economy Agency, has been tasked by the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo himself to oversee the economic growth of the country’s creative industry. Bekraf formulates strategies to showcase Indonesia’s best creative works that would eventually put Indonesia on the global creative map.

Bugis-Makanja-300-dpi coaster-makepung


Sepiring Indonesia

Founded by two Indonesian women, Eridanie Zulviana and Jasmyne 
Oei, Sepiring is a creative label best characterised by their whimsical caricature designs. Just like Indonesia’s diverse cultures, Sepiring’s works are festive, colourful and vibrant. Through fresh designs, Sepiring manages to capture the multifaceted Indonesia in items we see every day.


Sepiring’s first products were a
set of six plates that were sold at the prestigious Alun Alun Grand Indonesia in 2013. Every plate depicted a different culture of the archipelago including Joged Jakarta, JawaSemanak, Legong Bali, Rancak Minang, Tatau Dayak and Bugis Makanja. The comical illustrations showed Indonesians decked in their respective traditional clothing, seemingly grooving to a lively tune.

For their fall 2017 collection,
 Sepiring added more playful ceramic plates including one that showcases Mambesak Papua’s rich tribal traditions and rare flora and fauna. Sepiring also introduced ceramic eco-mugs that come with a rubber cap and handle, packaged in a box that tells a story of the mug’s illustrations. The charming tea time eco-mug celebrates the old custom of Kebaya-wearing Indonesian ladies sipping fine Indonesian tea to pass the time.
 Pair these dining accessories with the equally vibrant place mats for a fun design statement at home.


Leveraging Indonesian craftsmanship, Sepiring is able to produce a plethora of creative works from coasters, stationary sets, to leather-lined wallets. Thus far, Sepiring has 32 designs in 80 different products; the label also manufactures handmade canvas bags. as with the ceramic products, the lively designs
on the tote, cross-body, and handheld bags are sure to turn heads. See the label’s most exciting collections at

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