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Bekraf & 8 Indonesian Designers Take New York

Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf), or the Creative Economy Agency, has been tasked by the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo himself to oversee the economic growth of the country’s creative industry. Bekraf formulates strategies to showcase Indonesia’s best creative works that would eventually put Indonesia on the global creative map.


This year, they did just that. Bekfraf announced an open call for emerging talents in craftsmanship, whose products are original, handmade, environmentally responsible, and entirely Indonesian; made with Indonesian resources by Indonesian craftsmen.

The selected eight product designers will join Bekraf in NY Now, New York’s wholesale products and innovative design tradeshow that runs from 19 to 23 August 2017. We are featuring the chosen few and the products they will be showcasing on behalf of the nation.




Kayou came to light when five Indonesian architects decided to join forces and take a turn from designing buildings to crafting furniture. the word “kayou” originated from the Indonesian word “kayu”, which translates to “wood”. As the name suggests, Kayou offers a series of wooden furniture pieces, handcrafted from the finest materials for your home.

Designed by Alexandrea Alvin Handjojo, Indra Sidharta, and partners, 
in addition to head designer Theo Sakti Wijaya, Kayou highlights the natural beauty of their solid woods by restraining their appearance to a simple concept with a quiet charm. Clean lines, smooth curves, and organic wood patterns are what make Kayou fit for modern minimalistic homes with an appreciation for craftsmanship.

For their debut series Satoo, the furniture label showcases a variety
of pieces ranging from tables, chairs,
to kitchenware and other interior accessories, each named after Wayang (Indonesian shadow Puppet) that bears a cultural significance. Kayou gives most pieces in three different types of wood (teak, mindi and sonokeling) or a combination of two. It is also possible to choose between a natural coat and Kayou’s signature colour finish.


The first pieces in Satoo are thonet chairs named Anta, Naka and Nara, the lighter coloured of the bunch. The trio have slightly rounded backs with simple backrests. Get either of these in a set and match them with the Bima dining tables for an aesthetic feel in your dining rooms.

With their slanted backs for lounging, the Puru chairs are ideal for the living room. Complete the room with a TV on a Nata cabinet and some light reads on the Jata coffee table. The Tama laptop table has been thoughtfully designed to save workaholics from distractions. The rest
 of Satoo are equally sleek, but dedicated to various areas of a home. Kayou’s latest collections incorporate other materials such as leather, metal and stone. They are available at

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