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Be Creative! Be Different!

Creativity makes it possible to change an ordinary thing into something remarkable. For a designer, creativity is the compass that shows him where his career is headed. By having creative thoughts we open up possibilities, become smarter and develop a desire to achieve. This is the viewpoint of Adhi Nugraha, a product designer who earned his PhD from Finland’s Aalto University and a co-founder of the Navetta Design Studio. His endless creativity has also driven him to actively reinvigorate ADPII (Aliansi Desainer Produk Industri Indonesia/Indonesian Alliance of Industrial Designers) with his unique spirit and vision. The lecturer of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) explained to Anton Adianto that the key words in today’s era of globalization are creativity, networking and collaboration.

PHOTO BY Adhi Nugraha Doc.

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