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Ambiente is a hype-worthy international trade fair that brings the future into everyday items found in your dining and living areas and gift boxes. It’s a hub for business and creativity to assemble, showcasing a diverse array of objects with an innovative twist.



Tuning out the sounds of visitors browsing through the halls of Ambiente, a series of rhythmic taps became audible. It came from Kumo-o hammering away at his silver teapot, each tap that’s precise and deliberate.

The grey-haired artist is one of Zuihodo’s craftsmen forging silver into teapots and tea utensils using age-old metalwork techniques that date back to the samurai days. In the past, Zuihodo specialised in creating metal ornaments for sheathes and hilts for samurais and the royal courts. The ancient technique continues to be passed down.

Zuihodo’s tea-ware possesses a certain aesthetic complexity in its shape and contours. Use them for a traditional tea session or display them as collectibles at home.



It’s easy to see what’s good with Gudee at first glance. Relying on the aesthetic combination of bamboo and neutral-coloured fabric, Gudee creates eye-pleasing furniture and home accessories anchored in simplistic charm. Smooth curves and clean lines dominate the collection, as seen on the sleek bamboo chair called Raffles, to the cleverly named storage basket, Gatsby, and the versatile storage rack with mirror, Grota.

Though a mere one-year-old brand, Gudee checks all the boxes that come with design. They understand that home owners continue to hunt for durable modern elements to complement their homes without breaking the bank and so, leveraging over three decades of experience in manufacturing, Gudee maintains a high quality in their crafts. And thanks to its choice of materials, Gudee’s collections are sustainable and eco-friendly, fit for the design-savvy and eco-conscious homeowners.



100 percent

100 percent’s label Perrocaliente offers a range of home and kitchen accessories from cutleries to origami lens cleaner. Though Japanese-made, the label derives its name from the Spanish words for dog and hot, ‘perro’ and ‘caliente’ to represent the brand’s playful and friendly concept.

One of Perrocaliente’s adorable products is Peti Peto, a pocket-sized polyester cloth in the shape of animals. These handy ‘petit pets’ are there to dust dirt off glasses or screens. The label also unveiled their latest addition, Undial, a cylindrical modern sundial in brass or stainless steel finish.


Güzin Büyük

Dantelle is a series of hand-crafted textile accessories for the neck, shoulder and décolletage. With an unusual choice of material – knitwear – and an unconventionally modified hackle technique, Dantelle promises its wearer show-stopping moments.

The designer behind the collection is Güzin Büyük, a graduate from Germany’s Niederrhein University who was nominated in a state-wide design competition for Dantelle.



If a glass does not break nor crack at the impact of a golf ball, is it still considered glass? Unlike traditional glassware, German-made Superglas does not crack under pressure and is immune to the slightest scratch.

With its indestructible nature, comes easy maintenance and transport. There is no risk in getting orders damaged in shipping.

Also quite astonishing is its ability to insulate four times more powerful than its more primitive glass counterparts. Cold or hot, drinks are kept at their ideal temperature longer than expected.

Superglas by Koziol comes in a variety of colours and shapes for an elegant dinner, a summer garden party, a kid’s birthday bash and other occasions.

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