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Ambiente is a hype-worthy international trade fair that brings the future into everyday items found in your dining and living areas and gift boxes. It’s a hub for business and creativity to assemble, showcasing a diverse array of objects with an innovative twist.

This year, Ambiente welcomed a record-breaking number of international visitors from 154 countries to its five-day event in Frankfurt, Germany. We browsed through all 11 halls of Ambiente and picked the following highlights for you. Enjoy these inspirations as we look forward to Ambiente 2019 and its much anticipated Hall 12.



Alessi’s most recent collaboration with Marcel Wanders dubbed “The Five Seasons”, is a lineup of home accessories, including a vintage-style perfume bottle, diffuser, candles and incense burner in a faultless white porcelain and earthy colours. The fragrances feature  “Brrr” (Winter), fresh and bright with notes of bergamot, lily of the valley and musk; “Ahhh” (Spring) young and delicate, with cardamom, hyacinth and vetiver; “Hmm” (Summer) warm and inviting with a bouquet of figs, red fruits and mixed woods; “Grrr” (Autumn) complex and sensual with a mix of incense, cedar wood and moss; “Shhh” (Special) mysterious and spiritual with hints of eucalyptus, rose and patchouli.


 Borowski Glass

Borowski Glass is a hand blown and handcrafted glass manufacturer that started in Stanislaw Borowski’s garage. Together with his sons, Borowski uses old, nearly forgotten techniques to engrave on glass and create remarkable art sculptures displayed in galleries, museums and homes of private collectors around the world, as well as everyday items.

Glass is a material that’s able to play with light, colour and form while still keeping its crystal-clear beauty. This opens up numerous experimental possibilities and has therefore become a canvas for the Borowski to unleash their wealth of creativity. Their three collections, Art Objects, Studio Line and Outdoor Objects feature products like vases, candle holders and fruit bowls fit for an opulent home.



Synergy by Kooduu is an LED floor lamp trio that could be your best friend when hosting at home. Each lamp in the series serves three purposes – it’s a high quality sound system, a decorative lighting element and a multi-functional carrier packaged in a neat white body.

Its speaker connects seamlessly with popular online music apps or songs saved on your smartphones, while its façade glows in soft diffused light. The inner compartment can be vase by day and ice bottle chiller by night.

With a top leather handle and aluminium accessories, Danish-designed Synergy is as decorative as it is functional.


Vista Alegre

Anything from Vista Alegre, be it their covetable fine china, crystal, home decorative pieces or dinner sets, are sure to charm both its contemporary and classic admirers. The Portuguese luxury brand has collaborated with renowned designers including Christian Lacroix, Marcel Wanders and Jaime Hayon further cementing their prestigious reputation.


 Scrap Life Project

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is Scrap Life Project in a nutshell.

Four German designers have created stools from scrap plastics they found during a trip to Northern Italy. They were at an injection-moulding factory specialising in chairs, where they were inspired by the machineries’ side products when mixing different materials: colourful plastic plates. “Due to the random mix of materials, those plates never had another future than the costly process of burning. Until now,” says the designers.

The four repurposed the plates by installing steel tubes underneath them, creating stools that are each unique in shape and character. After another trip to the factory and with permission from the owner, the group of designers hauled back enough plates for mass production of their striking seats.

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