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A Legacy Unfolded

Iwan Tirta Private Collection

From historical accounts, we know that the word ‘batik’ is derived from the expression ‘tik’ which loosely translates into ‘membuat titik’ (making dots). In line with this etymology, it is clear that the dotting process, from which the various motifs of batik are created, is actually the central element of batik-making. Batik has been the medium for the introduction of various motifs that have been around for the past 15 centuries across Indonesia. Batik cloth, which was originally only used by members of the keraton (palace) family, started to become known by people outside the palace and then eventually came to be worn by the common people. Laterly, the Iwan Tirta Private Collection has been a part of this familiarization process, by recording the nation’s history through its collection of batik motifs.

STORY BY Anton Adianto PHOTO BY Iwan Tirta Private Collection

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