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A Decoration of Wealth

Make it crystal clear that you not only have style, but also have money, as we discover the rich history of Preciosa

 STORY BYNatasha Gan PHOTO BY: Preciosa Doc

Soon after glass — one of mankind’s earliest and most precious inventions — a discovery that was made in what is now known as the Czech Republic developed and reached an unequaled decorative potential: Here they introduced the world to a distinguished version of glass for decorative purposes called ‘Bohemian Crystal’.

Czechoslovakia’s Bohemian crystals gained fame for its superior quality, extraordinary handicraft, and how the facets and bevels of the crystal prisms refract light. Soon Bohemian crystals “Made in Czechoslovakia” reached the foremost position in the world’s glass trade. They were assembled to be chandeliers that became one of the nation’s most successful product lines and one of Europe’s most celebrated exports back in the 1700s. The chandeliers were dispatched to adorn properties of aristocrats or members of society’s distinguished class all around Europe, including the residence of Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, the French Royal Court of Louis XV and his palaces in Versailles and Fontainebleau. Then the rest of the world too began to acknowledge the tradition and merit of Bohemian Crystals.

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