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XianTao Big Data Valley: A Future in Nature

When talking about the architecture for “big data”, you may think of an industrial ambience, but Progetto CMR offers a different scenery. They designed the masterplan of Xiantao Big Data Valley in Chongqing, China with built-in landscape in the middle of futuristic commercial, education, office, residential and retail facilities. It’s also worth mentioning that this project is a finalist of Best Futura Mega Project in 2018 MIPIM Awards.

Design Overseas Xiantao-Xiantao-hotel

The city of Chongqing is currently spreading its wings as the economic engine of southwest China with its eager IT industry projects. And the giant development Xiantao Big Data Valley is set to be a home for these projects.

The development will boast a full range of facilities that will make it a self-sufficient district. The architecture will be equipped with high-tech features as its main strength to suit the IT-advanced lifestyle. Five SOHO towers, six office buildings and a wave-shaped hotel are currently under construction on this 700,000 sqm site.

The overall masterplan and landscape design are inspired by the mountainous topography of the region, while the identity as a home for big data is expressed with the sculptural architecture forms.

Design Overseas Xiantao-Xiantao-hotel-01

A three-tower complex will be the centrepiece of the district. The architecture represents the three core components of data processing: storage, sensing and data mining. The buildings are symbolically united at their crowns by a circular structure, which serves as an exhibition space, from which visitors will enjoy views of the surrounding area at a height of 100 metres.

Design Overseas Xiantao-Xiantao-SOHO

The biggest wide span is the hotel building, which is located at the heart of the development, with one side facing the park and the other side facing the neighbourhood. It has a curved plan, to balance the rigid layout of the other buildings in the compound. The luxury hotel will have a double-skin facades system, and layers of rooftop garden. It will be topped with a waterfall that will flow to the artificial lake in the middle of the development.

Despite its futuristic feature, the development is equally dominated by large green areas, parks, lakes and gardens to enhance the liveability of the district and the well-being of its users. This project highlights how future development can go hand in hand with nature. Having nature inside the compound is aimed to encourage the tenants and the neighbourhood to move towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Design Overseas Xiantao-XiantaoTower-Office

Design Overseas Xiantao-Xiantao-Progetto-CMR_Birdview-xiantao

Design Overseas Xiantao-Xiantao-Masterplan-view

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