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Where the Heart Is

How subtle luxury can make you feel at home with comfort, style and class

 STORY BY: Anton Adiato PHOTO BY: Bagus Tri Laksono

 All aspects that concern our everyday lives depend on how a house can create comfort and security for the occupants. However, it is sometimes difficult to feel a homey and serene atmosphere inside a luxurious house, as the extravagant layout and plush amenities might feel solitary and distance the occupants away from it. Gaharu House in Cipete, South Jakarta, strives to bring the true meaning of a house despite its lavish and sophisticated ambience.  

The luxurious and expensive atmosphere of a house can often be detected even from the entrance gate of the house and this is just the case with this private abode. Designed by consultant Denny Gondo Architect (DGA), the entrance gate opens up to a vast front courtyard. The building’s front demarcation line is deliberately pulled back a few meters to give it a palatial feel as well as a stronger sense of privacy for occupants. The sprawling site on which the house is built—almost 3,000 sqm in total and elongates to the back—allows it to stand a bit farther from the front yard. The courtyard also holds a line of car ports located on the right hand side of the site which are adorned with white doors and pillars. A large tree grows right in the middle of the courtyard, centering the main entrance to the house.

The front entrance appears striking with two magnificently-sized doors decked in Moroccan-inspired patterns. A new style in decoration, the elements of Moorish architecture sit in contrast with the marble walls and floors that make up the façade of this 1,758 sqm house. To the right is a two-level structure, a part of the house designed in modern Colonial flair complete with its typical vertical and horizontal lines motifs. 

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