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Tour the Famous Selasar Sunaryo Art Space

Photo by Bagus Trilaksono


Selasar Sunaryo

Sunaryo is a notable artist with 
a thoughtful mind. When constructing his own gallery, he made space for not only his own exhibition, but also for young emerging artists’. He called the space Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (SSAS), an uncommon name for a gallery in Indonesia. “’Selasar’ means ‘hallway’. I named it as such with the intent for it to be a hallway that brings young artists to art enthusiasts,” said Sunaryo.

SSAS’s design by Baskoro Tedjo includes several exhibition spaces for fine arts, namely Ruang A, Ruang B, Ruang Sayap, Bale Handap (Lower
Hall), Bale Tonggoh (Upper Hall), and
an amphitheatre for art performances. Sunaryo’s permanent exhibition is held
at Ruang A with a wide range of works: paintings, stone crafts, and digital glass works. Also inside the gallery is a library named Pustaka Selasar, dedicated to those who are eager to read about the arts.

Opened in September 1998, SSAS is located in the highlands of Dago Pakar, Bandung, from which we can enjoy the cool breeze and views of the valley. It’s recommended to conclude your visit with a cup of coffee at Kopi Selasar, overlooking the slope of Dago Hill. Don’t forget to bring a souvenir home from the souvenir shop called Cinderamata Selasar.






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