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Thought Experiment: Working Like the Millennials

The millennial culture becomes a trending topic for this year as this generation started their work phase. They changed not only the working habits, but also the working environments. We talked to interior designers Bingah Suseno from CDA International, Deasi Dianasari from Dedato Indonesia and Wiliam Simiadi from Vivere Group about today’s working environment and how they would adapt this current popular culture.

Thought Experiment William-Simiadi

William Simiadi

Director of VIVERE Group

BACKGROUND  VIVERE Group is a multifaceted group of companies which are engaged thoroughly in different aspects of the interior and furnishing business. Founded by Dedy Rochimat 34 years ago, the group commenced its business as an interior contractor company Gema Graha Sarana (GGS), which later gave birth to sister companies: Prasetya Gema Mulia (PGM), Laminatech Kreasi Sarana (LKS), and Vivere Multi Kreasi (VMK), with “Collection by VIVERE” and “Working by VIVERE” as its major sub-brands for retail and trading business. The group is now led by Dedy’s son, William Simiadi who has witnessed the evolution of design himself as he grew up.

How do you foresee the development of office design?

Our first business unit GGS has completed a lot of office fit-outs. Until these days, GGS still remains as a leading as interior contractor in the country for its outstanding service and final result. With 34 years of work under our belt, we have collaborated with many designers, to turn their dream offices into reality. This opportunity allows us to witness the development of office designs—from the cubicle into the current open-plan working spaces. I guess it will remain trendy for some period in the future.

Thought Experiment William Simiadi Vivere Showroom 1

Could you share with us your view on the current office trend?

The collaborating designers made open-plan offices for better engagement among employees – this is surely a good point, and it also comes with other good points. Today, offices also focus on ergonomic design and aim to reflect their corporate identity, so the office is not only built as a workspace, but also as a branding canvas. It is a further effort from aesthetic, as it also has meaning in it. There are design elements in the corporate branding, but the brand itself represents heritage, values and unparalleled quality that is worth an investment.

Certain brands are very responsive to the open-plan concept that they make movable and noise cancelling panels because despite the popularity of the openness, privacy and areas for high concentration work would always be needed.

Speaking of aesthetics, we have gained the trust from our clients; and as a result, we spread our wings into another line of business with VIVERE Working in 2005, to pair with the interior contractor service. Last year, this sister company was rebranded as Working by VIVERE. This company offers design products to help our clients build their corporate identities, and keep them updated with global workspace design issues.

What are the considerations for office furniture selection?

Besides considering good reputation, people would definitely go for the best quality of design, and ergonomic value.

Thought Experiment William Simiadi Vivere Showroom

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