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Thought Experiment: Working Like the Millennials

The millennial culture becomes a trending topic for this year as this generation started their work phase. They changed not only the working habits, but also the working environments. We talked to interior designers Bingah Suseno from CDA International, Deasi Dianasari from Dedato Indonesia and Wiliam Simiadi from Vivere Group about today’s working environment and how they would adapt this current popular culture.

Thought Experiment Deasi Dianasari

Deasi Dianasari

CEO of PT Dedato Indonesia

BACKGROUND Deasi Dianasari graduated from Trisakti University with a bachelor of Interior Design and started her career in PT Dedato Indonesia 20 years ago, where she currently sits as the CEO.

PT Dedato Indonesia specialises in visual identity design, which involves architectural, interior, product, signage, graphic, and artwork design. Within the last 3 years, the company has executed approximately 250,000 sqm of office interior design projects alone.

What kind of office design concept do you think people  like nowadays?

The new trend in office design nowadays is called “Agile Working”, the philosophy behind which re-defines the workplace as a place where people carry out the task they need to finish, as opposed to a place where they work. Hence, it also represents the shift of the formal, and for lack of a better word, uptight work culture to a less formal and more comfortable work environment for the employees.

PT Dedato Indonesia defines it as a way of working, with which organizations empowers its people to work where, when and how they choose with maximum flexibility and minimum constrains. Agile working is as transformational tool to allow organizations to work smarter by eliminating all barriers to working more efficiently.

Thought Experiment Deasi Dianasari antv Office 1

What area the requirements to make that kind of office?

A modern setting of information technology and electronics is very important to have in order to make this concept work, because employees would have to be given access and possibility to work anywhere. The “Agile Working” concept is also a way of working, not just a design concept, it also requires the company to trust their employees completely in the effectiveness and efficiency of their working hours. It should also be supported by a performance driven work culture and an effective line management.

Please share your thoughts about the current flexible  office trend.

Nowadays, many companies have shifted from the formal working culture to the new, more flexible work culture in order to increase productivity and efficiency, which leads to achieving their company’s goals and objectives.

I believe that with the constant increase in costs to rent an office space these days, companies have come to a realise that in order to achieve their goals, they do not require all of their employees to come into the office to work at the same time or have all of their employees sit at the same table everyday. Hence, it has become more and more normal to have dedicated and non-dedicated seating arrangements at a modern office. This also means that the company would be able to use less space for their office, reducing their property cost.

In addition to this, companies have also realised the importance of collaborative and breakout areas, providing their employees with the facility to work in a more relaxed environment where they can work alone or in a group whilst having a drink or a bite to eat. This would also encourage employees to socialize and get to know one another, creating a warmer environment at the office.

How does the current technology affect the workspace design?

The current development of technology and IT systems such as: smartphones, laptops and tablet, widespread internet access, telephone and video conference, cloud based data storage, etc. really support the agile working concept. It makes it possible for companies to allow their employees to work at anytime and anywhere.

Where is the most preferred area for today’s office / building location? Why?

Today’s preferred location for an office is still the CBD area and its surroundings, however, since public transport access have been increased in many other places in Jakarta, many other locations have become desirable for business owners. Areas around the main streets of Jakarta (i.e. Gatot Subroto, Sudirman, Setiabudi, TB Simatupang) are certainly very popular.

Thought Experiment Deasi Dianasari antv office 2

What area the criteria in choosing building other than the location and price?

Other than the location and costs, usually the criteria considered by business owners in choosing a location for their office are its technology supporting facilities (optical wires, internet connections and available providers in the area), security management and facilities (in case of earthquakes, fire, etc), electronic and security access, public facilities (parking space, praying rooms, sanitary facilities), and access to consumptions for their employees such as a food court facility or equivalent.

Is there any building amenities that area useful or even essential?

Certainly the IT and electronics facilities, including the security access, and internet access.

Please tell us about your most recent office design project.

PT Dedato Indonesia’s most recent projects include Sriwijaya Head Office, ANTV Head Office and Smart Tbk. Head Office.

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