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The Subtle Sanctuary

It’s true that a home is one of our primary needs, but we know that a property is far more expensive compared to other needs. In fact, owning a property is already a luxury. However, despite the rise of property prices, there are many people who own more than just one home, like this apartment that was designed by Vindate Interior & Architecture.

Private Apartment - The living room overlooking the cityscape

The owner lives outside Jakarta, but frequently visits the city for business so he decided to have a second home here in the capital. He chose a unit in a prestigious apartment tower to be his sanctuary after hours of work.

“It’s true that the owner wants to live in this home when he is in town, but there is a second thought to make this property an investment. So, when designing this apartment, we built the luxury with rich forms and materials, with concern of practicality. This way, by the time he wants to have it for rent, the unit is always ready,” explains the designer.

Modern living concept was handpicked for this apartment. The sleek form and simplicity of this concept make it practical for everyday live. The luxury is brought by its serenity, making the “less is more” come true. “Considering that it maybe used for rent, the design is not very personalised—so it’s not too feminine or masculine. The design is made to be enjoyed by the general public.”

The three-bedroom apartment has a master bedroom and two guest bedrooms. Each of them has a window that provides natural daylight and a view of the cityscape. A wider view can be seen from the living room with its balcony. This room has an L-shape sofa where the owner can lounge around or hosting his guests. This room is designed very well, making it a proper gathering room to special occasions and parties.

“When we first came, I saw that there were several ‘awkward corners’ in this room. Then we redesigned it, with respect to the existing building. We moved the TV panel to 90-degree beside the window, to avoid the sun reflection on the screen. In addition, we placed some shelf to put books and decorations,” the Vindate representative added.

Private Apartment - The bedroom is made in a symmetrical setting

There is a formal dining room where the owner usually holds brunch or dinner with family and friends. Yet, most of the time, he would dine at a breakfast nook at the corner of the dining area. A pantry is designed near by these two dining spaces to prepare the dishes.

You see many neutral colours in the design, giving serene and luxury ambiance. And there are many furniture pieces are customised – even further to the bespoke lamps and champagne gold door handles. The surfaces, from interior finishing and furniture, are mostly wrapped with textured wall covering papers.

Luxury ambiance in this apartment is brought with plush space arrangement, form and rich materials. Today it is only enjoyed by the owner and his guests. Perhaps, maybe one day, we get a chance to live in this subtle sanctuary..

Private Apartment - The dining room

Private Apartment - A luxurious corner

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