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The 8 Luxurious Hotels of the Orient World

For many centuries, history has recorded that the Orient has consistently been among the most opulent parts of the world. From palaces to artisan works, the Oriental world continues this tradition in a way which is still relevant in the modern day. Over the last 10 months, I have been travelling to the ancient city of Byzantium (now is Istanbul), all the way up to 3,000 meter above sea level to another ancient city of Lijiang, down to the shore of the Lhaviyani Atolls in the Maldives, and finally to Singapore to find eight luxury hotels that still keep the spirit of Oriental world opulence.


Fullerton Bay:
The Contemporary Opulence

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore that was opened on 8 July 2010 is the embodiment of the Fullerton Heritage in its contemporary form. Inspired by the same soul as The Fullerton Hotel across the street, the Fullerton Bay Hotel is completely built over water like a beautiful jewel perched on the Marina Bay waterfront. The hotel is ensconced between two iconic buildings, Clifford Pier and the Custom House, and is completely covered by a glass façade that was designed by Singapore based DP Architects.


The hotel features cutting-edge design from the design wunderkind Andre Fu and leading leisure and hospitality architecture firm LCL Architects. Fu, who was in charge of tailoring the public areas of the hotel has created a modern colonial style that pays homage to a bygone era by conjuring a sense of refinement throughout the overall design.

A palette of rich marble in varying tones of mineral greys is combined with bespoke furnishings in lush olive greens, burnt orange, and deep aubergine shades. This combination ensures that The Fullerton Bay Hotel retains its historical links to The Fullerton Heritage site and its surroundings, yet remains contemporary and international in style. Andre Fu incorporated vintage nautical maps and commissioned contemporary art throughout the public areas reflecting the celebration of heritage and modernity of Singapore’s vibrant history.


LCL Architects was responsible for the creation of the hotel’s 100 rooms, five individually-themed suites, and the luxurious Presidential Suite in an elegant and refined atmosphere with two generic themes which have been applied to the décor of the rooms. The first employs an ‘Asian ambiance’ with polished rosewood predominantly used for the furniture and featuring latticed screens, with leather and chrome embellishments. The second theme employs a ‘western ambiance’ with polished burlwood, fabric panelled walls, and gold embellishments. Ivory limestone and heavily veined yellow marble reminiscent of Van Gogh’s style complete the design whilst soft furnishings are in golden creamy tones.

Aside from its great design, the hotel also features many great art pieces that were specifically sourced internationally or commissioned for the hotel. There are several notable works: Paul-Alexandre Bourieau’s monumental sculpture on the central pillar wall of the hotel, measuring 22 metres in height, depicting the iconic façade of The Fullerton Hotel: bronze statues by Marie-Madeleine Gautier: James Wong sketches and many other works can be found around the hotel. From the way this hotel has been done, it is quite obvious that The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore is set to become one of the modern iconic landmarks of the country.


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