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Estica, the Aesthetic Factory

Technology is inseparable from the construction of a building. One problem faced by designers is how to present an attractive facade and interior design that feature the latest in technology all without lessening the aesthetic value of the building. Estica International aims to solve the problem with its state-of-the-art aluminium products, including Technal, Armorshield, Renson, Vertex and Vento. Indonesia Design visited its factory in Surabaya and saw first-hand how these amazing products were manufactured.

Estica Factory

Story by Anton Adianto
Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Technal Doc.

Established in 2007, PT Estica International provides building materials. It is one of the most trusted companies in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, offering products to aid those building any kind of structure, from residential projects to commercial buildings. Even international projects such as the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Bangkok International Airport have used the technology introduced by Technal, one of the crowning products of Estica International.

The company is the only distributor in Indonesia for Technal products, which are known as large-scale frames with remarkable strength and excellent quality. Technal is part of SAPA, a leading Norwegian company dedicated to making innovative and sustainable aluminium faade systems that inspire contemporary architecture. The use of aluminium is done to create a lifestyle concept that reflects a concern for the environment, as aluminium is a material of excellent modularity and in finite recyclability. With myriad characteristics, Technal offers a wide range of solutions for faades, windows and doors. The large variety of Technal products makes it easy for them to be applied as part of various designs, from the simple to the complex, thus giving each design a unique appearance.


While Estica International has established its headquarters in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta; the company has also built a factory and a showroom in Surabaya. To offer ultimate satisfaction to its customers, the company has built a vast, modern factory in Sidoarjo. A depot to receive and store products, the compound is also office and manufacturing and assembling factory for various Technal, Armorshield, Renson, Vertex and Vento products.

From the outside, the place looks like an ordinary factory. Inside, we are met with a large area that is split into three main functions: An office in the front, a production area on the right side and a storage and semi-showroom on the other. The considerable space needed for materials prompted Estica to add another warehouse in front of the main building for special-order products. When Indonesia Design visited, the storage area was filled with eight pieces of shatterproof glass and extra-sturdy sliding doors that had been ordered by a designer from Jakarta to be applied in a luxury house design he was working on. The size of the glass and frame was close to six meters and therefore needed special treatment to finish and store.


The production department of the factory occupies half of the entire compound’s site. Designed to suit the production process, from the preparation, cutting, assembling, detailing and glass installations, quality control and packing; the factory has an the overall ambience of efficiency and order, as everything is placed within the perfect zone. Considering the quality of the products churned out by Estica International, especially Technal, which is abundantly used in prestigious residential projects throughout Indonesia; this Surabaya company has shown that a company character, production process and resulting products should move in a parallel to enrich one another.

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