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The American Dream: Registry Curated Fine Collection

While the architects and interior designers of Surabaya have explored many trends in architecture, the American style remains a perennial favourite. Those looking for just the right touch can find everything needed to outfit an American-style room at the Registry Curated Fine Collection.

Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono

The founder of the Registry Curated Fine Collection is a lover of the timeless design represented by the American style, which forms the core of the collection at his furniture boutique. For him, his style has both elegance and casualty, making every room look luxurious, but which does not appear so heavy to the eye of beholder. Besides, it adds a homey feeling, too.


The style is seen throughout the showroom, from its facade to house-like settings. Registry’s design team has created several settings in the showroom, including a bedroom, working space, living room and dining room. Each boasts a different decor, with different furniture, lighting appliances and accessories. The layout lets customers and designers imagine the options and various layouts for a room, as well as to directly experience how a room might feel when furnished. It’s a feature that has made the showroom a favoured destination for top designers in Surabaya.

Most rooms have iconic American-styled wall panelling painted white so that the foreground furniture stands out. The dining room is covered in a blue that matches the carpet to compliment to the rich Art Deco furniture, while the bedroom has grey curtains to give a more spacious backdrop for the fine pieces inside.


Registry focuses on loose fine furniture pieces that have been imported directly from the US, so there’s need to doubt their details, design or production quality. The curators of the collection have included only top brands that have been celebrated in the US. All products meet international standards – something that can be seen through their appearance, proportion, consistent shapes and attention to detail.

The Registry Curated Fine Collection is open to collaborations with architects and interior designers. It is located in the prestigious west of Surabaya, where new residential projects and lifestyle facilities have recently been developed. It is a showroom offering elegance and prestige through fine furniture that can add value to any space.


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