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Luxe Life: A Space Just For You

A luxury residence is often associated with lavish spaces fitted with high quality materials. On the other hand, some think that the best way to enjoy luxury is when the spaces are personalised to your needs and tastes. Interior designer Ronald Humardani used both approaches in this house in Surabaya. The owner now enjoys the fruitful results of the designer’s work, as it enhances their luxury lifestyle in a space that was tailored only for them.

Photos by Antonius Widjaya


The house stands in the tranquil residential area of East Surabaya. The front façade depicts a contemporary lifestyle through the material selection and the design composition. The façade is dominated by rectangular objects on the fence and walls and is accentuated by the pyramid-shaped roof which gives a hint to the tropical architecture which is continued inside the house.

All of the rooms have wide windows so that they are filled with natural daylight. These generous openings also make the rooms look wider. The open area on the ground floor, for example, houses the living room, dining room and a pantry in an L-shape space with the large windows making the room feel airy, light and spacious. It has a cozy ambiance with a dominance of earthy colours such as the wood-textured wall covering used as the backdrop for the TV set. In the living room, Ronald put a red carpet to add an accent to the muted colour palette.


The dining room is located side by side with the living room so that the family can be together while doing different activities. This layout also benefits the owners, especially when they are hosting a small gathering, as people can enjoy a sense of togetherness in the combined space. To the side of the dining room, there is a small pantry where the family can meet for breakfast and casual dining.

The second floor provides more privacy hence the bedrooms are located in this area. The bedrooms feel luxurious thanks to the generous floor area, and the well crafted details in the interior finishings – from the polished Italian marble to the richly patterned on the bed panels.


The master bedroom has a subtle colour scheme that provides a calm, relaxing atmosphere. It has a small sitting area and work-desks so the owners can work and enjoy their spare time together. The room has an en-suite bathroom, which is designed in a sleek modern style – all covered in marble that brings a natural ambiance through its rich organic patterns.

The owners have a stylish personality hence Ronald gave them a big walk-in closet. It has an edgy look with a black and white interior. The all white panels bring out the colours of the clothes and accessories while the owners are getting dressed. The room is accentuated with a black island cabinet where the owners can put their accessories. Lighting is provided by two stripes on the ceiling that make the room feel futuristic.


The owners decided to evoke a feeling of togetherness by making only one bedroom for their two children. The shared bedroom is a rectangle shaped room, with twin beds on one side, an L-shape closet in the corner, and a pair of desks. A spacious area is left unused in the room so the children can play around.

As well as the luxurious materials and well-designed furniture, Ronald came up with a thoughtful zoning programme that optimised the use of space in each of the rooms.

In this house, Ronald has created a homey feeling by providing a relaxing ambiance and a variety of personalised spaces. Each room has been designed according to the owners’ personal likings that were gathered by the designer after several initial meetings. The house provides for everyone living in this house – be it the parents or the kids. They will be able to enjoy and grow with the house as every aspect of the design ensures that this home is both aesthetically beautiful and fully functional. “After all, this serene home is where you can get away from the bustling urban city and wind down after a long and busy day,” said Ronald.


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