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L Villa: A Leisured Retreat

While people race to live in downtown, they tend to do the opposite when at ease. Residents of Surabaya, East Java, for example, typically flock to the highlands near Malang, about 100 kilometers to the south, as a favourite getaway. The town, surrounded by several mountains, was also the choice of the Dutch during the colonial era. The architects at dpavilion designed the L Villa for Puncak Tidar near Malang to be enjoyed by revelers seeking to get away from it all.

Photos by Fernando Gomulya

Devising architectural design in the highlands of Puncak Tidar is a challenge since the natural contours of the land demand attention. However, contours also allow for exquisite views from any level of a structure, while the building, with its wide openings, brings in cool breezes and offers residents stunning views of the natural scenery.

L Villa exploits those natural contours with a three-storey structure that spans from what would usually be the ground floor down to the lower contour of the land. While passersby might think the building is a one-storey edifice, villa guests will find the ground floor an entryway into a gorgeous retreat.


An intriguing facade at the ground level exhibits a strong tropical modern design. It is composed of an arrangement of wooden horizontal blinds framed by rectangular concrete structures. Blinds let people enjoy the facade from both the front and back of the house, while also offering wide views when panels are opened in the living room, dining room or two bedrooms on the ground floor.

There is no boundary in between the living, dining room and the pantry, hence the area feels even more spacious. The living and dining room have a subtle decor of neutral colours in white, grey and natural wood. The overall feel is luxurious, thanks to the cream marble flooring featuring patterning that has been smartly applied perpendicularly to the horizontal blind, to add richness to the room’s playful visual. For the living room, a Bentley sofa is on point with its strong modern design. The bold design of the interior is softened by mellow colours and the organic pattern of a square rug. The room is topped by three hanging lamps that mimic the shape of palm leaves.


This pattern is also found in the entertainment room in the first basement. The diagonal lines of the panels mimic palm leaves, while also looking modern with playful 3D contouring on the ceiling and the walls. The room has two living room sets, including one for a small open home theatre. Designers added luxury to the details with Bentley table lamps among a display of the owner’s liquor bottle collection.

The decorated facade of the ground floor contrasts with the first basement, whose sides are covered only by floor-to-ceiling clear glass, so that the entertainment room and bedrooms at this level can enjoy the view. The plan is slightly smaller than the floor above, creating a canopy for the windows, thus keeping the interior shades. A contrast in material makes the ground floor look cantilevered when viewed from the backyard.


Two bedrooms are located in parallel at the ends of the L-shaped structure, offering the best views. Beds face wide windows, hence early risers may see the sun rise behind the mountains and surrounding forest. Supporting rooms, including bathrooms, are in between these rooms and the other bedroom. Bedrooms on the ground floor are covered by panels that can be opened to wide mountain scenery.

The L-shaped villa is complimented by an L-shaped swimming pool that can be accessed from the first basement. The pool has a sundeck to the side that also acts as a landing connecting stairs from the ground to the second basement. A sun deck is also available on the second floor where people observe the groomed landscape and water flowing from the swimming pool.


There are three options to go from one floor to the other. The first and the easiest is by an elevator that sits in the centre of the house. Second is to go by the luxurious spiral staircase in the interior. Last and most delightful are by the stairs at the back of the villa that connect each floor, where people can enjoy the scenery while departing from one floor to another.

The facilities of the house let one stay as if they are at home. “It is indeed prepared to be a living space, while also letting the guests enjoy life,” says architect Edwin Nafarin.



Project Name

L Villa (Liono Family Private Villa)


Malang, indonesia

Land Area

1,300 sqm

Gross Floor Area

1,010 sqm


Sutrisno Liono

Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design Consultant

dpavilion architects

Principal Designer

Edwin Nafarin

Project Interior Designer

Meyliza Kotama

Lighting Designer

Lumina Group

Main Contractor

CV Duta sarana Pratama





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