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Indonesian Design Today According to Design Trendsetters

Some people just don’t follow trends while many people are prone to do so. Regardless of people’s preference over this issue, a trend indeed exists. It becomes a benchmark for makers and designers to create things that are accepted by the market. To get more insights into “Trends in Design”, we talk to designers who set trends. Here, Hidajat Endramukti, Andi Rahmat and Denny Priyatna discuss different types of projects they are working on and what they are up to. Especially in this edition, we also have Joshua Simandjuntak of Bekraf, who has curated creative objects for many major exhibitions including New York Now and Salone del Mobile.

Hidajat Endramukti

Principal of Endramukti Designs

Hidajat Endramukti returned to Indonesia in the mid 1960s after earning his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Technische Universiteit Delft in the Netherlands. One of his first interior design projects was Hotel Tugu in Malang and, after that, he continued to work on hospitality and residential designs. In 1993, he set up his own firm, Endramukti Design, and since then he has been developing and evolving his iconic tropical and eclectic designs. Among his best known projects are Alila Ubud, de Soematra Restaurant in Surabaya and The Shalimar Boutique Hotel in Malang.

What are the main trends in interior design today?

I believe at the moment the trend in interior design is gearing towards the modern style. There are those who still opt for classical design but modern design is dominating the scene today, especially among people under 40 years old. This is perhaps because of the references that can be widely found in magazines and social media. I think that both of these have a profound impact on the general trend. I believe, for the next five years, the trend for modern design will continue.

Are you also following this trend?

Since the beginning of my career as a designer, I have loved the eclectic style because it is never boring. The amalgamation of styles in eclectic design helps us not to be stuck in one particular style. At the moment, I prefer modern design that I combine with antique and colonial elements—a style that we can call the modern Peranakan colonial style. Together, these styles can create an appealing design. I have been applying the same style since the 1990s, but to this day, people still like it.


How do you see the development of interior design these days?

I think it is improving rapidly because when we look back to 30 years ago, in my hometown of Surabaya, people were reluctant to pay a design fee because it wasn’t the norm. Usually they went straight to the interior contractor or furniture contractor so that they would be able to purchase items for the construction project and get a design along with them, thus eliminating the need to pay a specific design fee. However, in the past 10-15 years, people have started to appreciate design, so the service of a designer can truly be valued.

Especially in the last 10 years, thanks to the internet, people are getting more exposed to designs—from the personal style of each designer to high-class furniture brands and accessories. This is great because, in addition to furniture, accessories also play an important part in the design.


What is influencing interior design today?

At the moment, interior design is getting a lot more attention in many businesses. In the field of F&B, for instance, people used to care only about the taste, quality and price of the food and drink. But these days they are also looking for the right ambience. This means interior designers now play an important role in ensuring that an F&B outlet is interesting and appealing.

Looking at current designs, which ones do you think are the most attractive?

For hotel design, I think Andaz Singapore, which was designed by Andre Fu, is particularly interesting. Moreover, the hotel concept is unique compared to other establishments. Anouska Hemple’s design for Six Sense Duxton Singapore in the Tanjong Pagar area also has a fascinating look – the ambiance is reminiscent of an English establishment but the oriental side can also be strongly felt.

For restaurant design, Surabaya has seen the opening of several new restaurants with excellent interior design, for instance Mr. Fox in Tunjungan Plaza. Altoro Spanish Restaurant also has a good interior design and a relaxing ambiance.

Are there any young designers whose work you follow?

There are some I found on Instagram who I think are great, one of whom is Domisilium.


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