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iD Award Nominee – Best Architecture Design: Tan Tjiang Ay

In celebration of our 14th anniversary, we are extending our appreciation to those who have made significant contributions to the improvement of design in Indonesia by presenting Indonesia Design Best Design Awards. This is Tan Tjiang Ay, a nominee in the Best Architecture Design category.

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Before sustainable architecture became a trend, Tan Tjiang Ay had already been applying the concept in his works. He has been focusing on residential design for most of his career and developed designs that encourage the inhabitants to live efficiently.

He believes that architects are “doctors” for building spaces in the environment. He builds efficiently and mindfully when it comes to nature and neighbourhood. He treats his designs as a person because man-made objects have similar characteristics to men. For one, they have to be functional and be able to breathe.

Despite of his Reductionism style, Tan Tjiang Ay brings his best effort to insert local influences into his design, without overwhelming it with decoration.

Tan Tjiang Ay_2

Tan Tjiang Ay

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