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iD Award Nominee – Best Luxury Home Designer: Suwito Hadi

In celebration of our 14th anniversary, we are extending our appreciation to those who have made significant contributions to the improvement of design in Indonesia by presenting Indonesia Design Best Design Awards. This is Suwito Hadi, a nominee in the Best Luxury Home Designer category.

A number of high-end residential buildings in Bandung have one thing in common: they were designed and built by Suwito Hadi. The civil engineering graduate has been living in Bandung since his college years. He has gained the experience that has allowed him to possess a deep comprehension about the city’s luxury homes. As a contractor, he understands a lot about architecture, a fact that kindled his first desire to design.

As a contractor by training, he also began to work as the architect for several projects. After a few trials, he realised that he was able to excel and decided to assume the role as architect in the following projects.

Teaming up with his son, Albert Hadi, he strives to create even greater architecture projects in the future.


Hybrid and Photograph by Dikdik
Hybrid and Photograph by Dikdik


Photograph by Dikdik
Photograph by Dikdik
Photograph by Wangirupa
Photograph by Wangirupa
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