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We witness how hospitality design evolves throughout the years; be it in the style, target market and further to the concept. In this edition, we interviewed notable hospitality designers from home and abroad — architects, interior and lighting designers — about today’s hospitality trends and how they did it.


Jasin Tedjasukmana

Principal of KIAT Arch

Notable projects: The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, The Hermitage Hotel Jakarta

Jasin Tedjasukmana established his architecture firm KIAT Arch in 1987. He is famous for his luxury home design as well as his five-star hotels and resorts, including the upcoming The Residences at Mandarin Oriental in Bali. The 1989 Aga Khan Award recipient consistently put local culture into his designs. In The Hermitage and The Dharmawangsa, for example, he took inspiration from the majestic Dutch-era neo-classic that to him, exhibit proportion, harmony, unity, sequence, balance, focal point and more.


Please share your design process for The Hermitage Jakarta.

It took a while to design The Hermitage because we had to do researches on the existing building – about its structure condition, the history, the architecture style when it was built and the government’s policy on heritage buildings. Its shift from Dutch telecommunication office to a hotel also needed attention, as we had to put new functions such as back of office, public area, and bedrooms in order to meet its     economic calculations.

What are the challenges in making adaptive reuse design in The Hermitage?

First is to convince the Board of City Architecture Surveillance (TPAK) about the building mass we designed. Second is to make sure that the new building is built in accordance with the old building, so it would complement the old building well rather than to “beat” it.


How far can the location influence your design?

The location is indeed very influential in design. It will be the guide of the hotel’s accessibility. The culture of the place also has to be reflected as a part of the design.

Where are the developing areas for hospitality establishments?

New destinations like Banyuwangi, Labuan Bajo and Manado. Business hotels are also growing in the trade cities along the Northern part of Java.

Can you comment on the current hospitality design trend?

There is a tendency to go for simple, practical and functional design, although local elements are still a part of the design.

Are there any current highlighted issues in today’s hospitality design?

Energy-saving and low maintenance buildings. Especially for heritage building renovation, it is not only about the look, but today we also have concerns about the history – what was stylish in that era – and how to make it comfortable today while keeping the architecture principles.


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