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We witness how hospitality design evolves throughout the years; be it in the style, target market and further to the concept. In this edition, we interviewed notable hospitality designers from home and abroad — architects, interior and lighting designers — about today’s hospitality trends and how they did it.


Robby Permana

CEO of LaaS Lighting

Notable projects: Springwood Apartment, Sheraton Kuta Bali, Padma Legian and Padma Ubud

Robby Permana worked for German-lighting brand OSRAM for more than five years before establishing his own firm Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS). Under his direction, LaaS has been working for numerous commercial projects and public facilities such as I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali, Altitude Restaurant Jakarta and Kuta Beachwalk Mall Bali.

What are your approaches in making an architecture or interior design standout?

By enhancing the architectural or interior design concept, material and element. We offer the latest lighting technology to highlight all of the details of a design and to also add to the aesthetics of the building and interior at night.

We also have to match the lighting technology and specification with the element and material of the design, because we like to think lighting is like the soul that brings life to the physical elements.

The purpose of lighting is not to ruin the architecture or interior design. For example, with too many bright lights, or too many lit spots, and with the wrong specification, and wrong technology, lighting can ruin a room. We do not want that to happen.


How much has the demand of lighting design grown over the last 10 years?

From what I see, the demand has been growing rapidly along with the number of young designers entering the design lighting industry in Indonesia. There’s also proof in the interest of international lighting suppliers or design companies in opening an office here.

Indonesia has attracted the global market with the ongoing building developments and its lighting designs. This could only happen because plenty of designers, owners, and developers who have travelled or studied overseas, are trying to apply what they learn abroad to Indonesia. They all understand the importance of lighting design.

What are the challenges in today’s lighting projects?

When the user isn’t educated enough about the technology and lighting specification. For example when they assume all lightings are the same and serve only one purpose. They absolutely do not.

The second challenge is the user, who is skeptical of new technology. And the last one is the installation itself. Our purpose is to highlight the details within a design. The more elements we need to highlight, the more challenges we face during installation.


Please tell us about your project for Padma Legian and Padma Ubud.

Padma Legian and Padma Ubud are special. They make me proud because they were one of my clients that understood the importance in the quality of lighting products. They only wanted products with the best lighting output quality for their project.

What is the current trend for hospitality design?

The current trend is still a warm white colour. For down lights, the market is currently asking for thinner, smaller, and more and more seamless shape, but with the capability to fill the required brightness or output. Another trend is the increasing demand for RGB lights that create a festive vibe in a property.


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