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Hills by the Sea

Maya Sanur

Long before other beaches in Bali became famous as tourist destinations, Sanur was already established as a sought-after holiday spot as long ago as the 1930’s. The name became even more alluring when a Belgian painter, A.J. Le Mayeur, decided to call Sanur his home and lived there with his wife from 1937. Sanur’s 3 km stretch of sandy beach that faces east towards Nusa Penida Island is a key part of its charm where every morning visitors are treated to a dramatic Bali sunrise. Maya Sanur Resort & Spa is the latest offering in Sanur’s leisure portfolio that capitalizes on its seaside beauty. Setting itself apart from the rows of 5-star beachfront resorts in the area, this property flawlessly applies the eco-friendly concepts both in philosophy and function throughout its hill-like setting.

 STORY BY Anton Adianto PHOTO BY Bagus Tri Laksono & Maya Sanur Resort & Spa Doc. 

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