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Brew & Chew Restaurant: Fresh From The Ground

There are unwritten rules about hangout places in Bandung. They are : eye-pampering design, great coffee and delicious food. One restaurant in the city centre meets all of these criteria. Here we can spend time sipping the best quality Indonesian coffee and eating delicious, healthy food. Welcome to Brew & Chew.

Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono


Restaurant  – Brew & Chew

Indriany, the founder of Brew & Chew, had her first encounter with the ‘food and beverage’ service was when she provided catering to the National Nuclear Power Agency (BATAN). As she didn’t have any culinary training, the menu was based on family recipes.

Based on her catering experience for BATAN, which sets a very high standard for scientists and engineers, Indriany learned to adapt her recipes to be MSG-free and made only with fresh ingredients, thus guaranteeing good nutritional value. This became a habit that she brought to her day-to-day life, and further to her first restaurant, Brew & Chew, which was opened in late 2016.


Having already personalised the recipes, Indriany who is an architecture graduate, designed the three-storey building herself. The ground is elevated to attract people passing by, while the façade is left transparent with clear glass windows. The ground floor was designed with different dining table sets to make the room feel both energetic and shabby. The dining area on the very top floor is decorated with rustic neon lamps and the private dining room on the second floor is a favoured location for events like gatherings, casual business meetings, birthday parties and bridal showers.

Brew & Chew has a dedicated café area on the mezzanine level. The café, which is managed by Armor Kopi, only sells hand-brewed coffee. It has an open bar where the customers can see the coffee-making process and talk to the baristas and another seating area overlooks the outside area at the back. The balcony, however, is the favourite place to sit – where people can chill in an alfresco setting.

While enjoying the casual design of the restaurant, customers can enjoy nutritious fresh food and excellent hand-brewed coffee. Here is the perfect place to have a good time.



Brew & Chew

JalanSukabumi 53

Bandung 40271

+6222 2053 0888





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