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Feng Shui for Hotels: Exterior and Landscape Design


In my previous article that was published last year, I talked about feng shui for hotel seen from the interior point of view. This time, I would like to focus on the exterior side and its connection to landscape design. I will start the article by talking about the exterior of a hotel where the design matter is inescapable from the shape of the building, the materials used, and the colour selection.

Feng shui for hotels
In keeping with the study of feng shui that faithfully observes the directions of the compass, the shape of the hotel will not sway too far from the five elements theory. If your hotel faces south, which, according to the said theory, has a fire element, then it is advisable to construct a triangular-shaped building with sharp and acute angles. This shape is also a part of the fire element, which means that you can apply other shapes that represent wood element in order to strengthen the fire element in the south section. Following this notion, a rectangular shape that characterizes the wood element can also be used here.

If the hotel faces northeast or southwest, both of which possess the earth element, then the recommended shape will be a square or a cube. You can also apply the fire-compatible shape of a triangle in both sectors. On the other hand, if your hotel faces west or northwest, two directions with metal elements, a dome or a ball as well as other circular forms can be used. In addition, squares or cubes can also be positioned in this sector.

For east or southeast-facing hotel which has a wood element, the suggested shape is rectangle, which evokes the wood element. You can also apply curves in both sectors because they symbolize water element. And lastly, when your hotel faces north, the best shapes are water-inspired curves. In this north sector, you can also apply metal-compatible shapes, which comprises domes as well as balls.

Feng shui for hotels

What about the landscape arrangements? One of the issues is the contour of the land, which ideally according to the feng shui principle should be ‘against the mountain, facing the ocean.’ However, for a resort that is located at the beachfront, for example, this particular contour might be difficult to find. But one should not be deterred by this fact because there are several solutions to satisfy this contour formation, one of which is the application of the flying star feng shui method.

Another important thing to remember in the application of feng shui in the landscape is how to place water features in the form of pools, including fish ponds and swimming pools. There are several essential criteria that should be taken into account, such as the San He and the San Yuan methods of feng shui. According to the former, good sectors where water features should be placed include north, east and southeast areas whereas the San Yuan method dictates that for the eighth period, which spans the years 2004 to 2024, good places for water element are in the southwest, and also spots where there are water stars with the numbers of 8, 9, 1 or 6. The location of these water stars totally depends on the orientation of the hotel building.

Feng shui for hotels

Because the effect of placing certain water features is quite significant in the study of feng shui, pools of water should be meticulously and delicately placed. One way of doing this is by combining several feng shui methods at the same time in order to gain optimum benefits. Placing water features in the wrong sectors can result in bad effects that are sometimes very difficult to deal with.

In addition, if there is a water screen or a waterfall in the vicinity of the hotel, you should carefully consider the direction of the water flow. In the study of feng shui, water is largely linked to good fortune. We certainly do not want good fortune to flow out. On the contrary, we wish to invite good luck by bringing in water into the premises. Therefore, the flow should be directed towards the main doors or towards the main building of the hotel.

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