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Entertaining Depths with Edwin Nafarin

From the talented architects with impressive portfolios who have been spread throughout Surabaya, dpavilion entertainment architect’s Edwin Nafarin clearly stands out. While other designers have amassed outstanding track records on residential, office or hospitality projects; Edwin also dabbles in sculpture as well as theme-park designs. He is also well versed in designing public spaces and master planning. The element of entertainment, however, remains Edwin’s trademark.

Photo by dpavilion Doc.

How did you enter design?

I heard my calling at a time when I thought that architecture could change the world and that it could also please a lot of people.

What was your first professional project?

The restoration work of a heritage building called Candra Naya on Jalan Gajah Mada in Jakarta.

What is your most memorable project?

I am very much impressed with the theme park projects that I have completed, such as Jawa Timur Park and Wisata Bahari Lamongan. Both projects can please millions of Indonesian people from all walks of life. I am happy when my works can make other people happy.  

What’s the most important stage in design?

Considering how design can give pleasure to the users.

What do you think about the development of public spaces in Surabaya as a reflection of its people?

The development of the city has been quite good, especially when it comes to creating a more comfortable experience for pedestrians. However, a lot of the details are still far from perfect. I believe there are still a lot of public places in Surabaya that need improvement.

How do you view the development of design in Surabaya?

It’s good–and it’s getting better. The only thing that bugs me is my suspicion that a lesson plan for the architecture of the archipelago has still not been included in the curriculum for Indonesian architectural studies, so that the influence of Western architecture is still very strong here.

How do you compare public spaces in Surabaya with those of Malang or Batu?

The city of Batu is designed to be a tourist city, because there are still a lot of public spaces there that can be developed. Another advantage of Batu over Surabaya is its remarkable natural potential.

Edwin Nafarin

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