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Designs on Bali

 STORY BY Anita Othman  The magnetic pull of the island of Bali is unfathomable. Some say it’s the spectacular blend of beaches, volcanoes, lakes and terraced rice fields, others feel it’s the legendary hospitality and its unique art and culture. Cliches such as ‘don’t talk about paradise if you haven’t been to Bali’ have been bandied around for decades. The design and architecture of a resort plays a pivotal role in the unique pull of a location, but perhaps more than anywhere else, Balinese design has a vibe, an energy that is hard to pin down but palpable to the senses. Anita interviewed three renowned Bali-based architects and landscape designers, all of whom have also succumbed to the spell that Bali has us under, having eventually made Bali their home. So what do they think of today’s resort designs and what makes Bali such a special place that made them stay on?

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