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Bumi Sampireun: Enjoying Nature Inside Out

Talaga Sampireun just opened a new sister restaurant namely Bumi Sampireun, the place to enjoy authentic Indonesian savouries in a contemporary saung.

Photos by Bagus Tri Laksono, Priandanu & Bumi Sampireun Doc.


Serving Sundanese signature dishes, Bumi Sampireun brings the warm feeling of home all around. The restaurant enjoys extraordinary view and landscape in its surrounding. Entering the restaurant, we pass through a well-manicured garden. The nature-inspired architecture itself blends well with the neighbourhood, in spite of its contemporary look. From the entrance, the architecture looks gracious with its monumental columns that support gable roof.

“We were inspired by the impressive natural neighbourhood. The masses are oriented to see the view – we ensure that the construction would not interfere with that. The constructions are topped with leave-like concrete-tiled roofs as an expression of memory of how our ancestor put the leaves above their heads as a shield from heat and rain,” says architect Piter Gan.


The nature felt so close right from the entrance as the main hall is wide open on three sides, framing the views of the garden, the pond, to the green valley at the back of the restaurant. These openings fill the al-fresco hall with natural daylight, the fresh air and natural ambiance from the surroundings.

An indoor dining area is available at a wing of the main hall, where people can hold events like family and social gatherings, birthdays, and events alike. These events can also be made in another dining hall, which is located at the side of the pond. This area is favoured by families as the children getting busy feeding the Koi fish while parents enjoy the calming sound from the fountain. These halls are jewelled with birdcages that are used as hanging lamps.


Although built with IWF steel construction, the decorations still feel natural. From the exposed ceiling, to the furniture, the finishing touches of the space are mostly wooden. Attention to details are given to the columns, which the architect filled the hollow part of the column with coconut wood, so as to blend with the rest of the decoration.

Lie Harianto, director of Talaga Sampireun Group, shares, “although this restaurant is smaller in space compared to its sister restaurant, Bumi Sampireun has the pond as the signature water feature, and saung dining area, in which a group of eight to twenty people can make a private dinner or luncheon in each saung. Exclusively at this location, the 17 saungs sit above the ground with best view of the valley.” The saung is entirely made of coconut wood that brought rich brown colour and natural wooden pattern. The material selection makes the area feel warm in the middle of cold temperature of the site.


The restaurant offers authentic Indonesian dishes such as Pecak Gurame, Honey Grilled Shrimp, to Bamboo Grilled Patin that took four hours of grilling process. Guests can spoil their palate with their fish dishes that come with a sweet hint. The fish freshly picked from their pond. People would stay for the traditional snacks and desserts like Sagu Rangi, Es Kelapa Sirsak, Es Teler TS and the beautifully-presented Tape Goreng,

Located inside Vimala Hills compound at Puncak, West Bogor, Bumi Sampireun and its refreshing ambiance is just one drive away from the city. The fresh food, fresh air of the hills and picturesque view of the valley make it ideal as a meeting place after golf time and to gather with the whole family for a short weekend getaway.


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