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Bright Yello Spirit

After two successful hotel brands, four-star Harris and two-star POP!, Tauzia Hotel Management launched their three-star hotel in 2012, YELLO. All these brands are distinguished with bright colours, including YELLO, which – being true to its name – is dominated in yellow, from its décor to branding.

YELLO brings a new concept in hospitality industry with its funky, urban style approach to be a creativity hub for youngsters and urban art lovers. From the first YELLO property in Jemursari Surabaya, to the second and third property in Jakarta, YELLO Manggarai and YELLO Harmoni, the brand’s properties emphasise utilitarian design. The ambiance is sprightly, thanks to its bold colour, and is youthfully creative, thanks to the graffiti works by local and international mural artists.


The architecture of YELLO Manggarai, done by Bandung-based Urbane Indonesia, brought a new landmark to its neighbourhood, while YELLO Harmoni’s architecture by Denton Corker Marshall (DCM) has gained attention with its O shape. Now, the brand is expanding to Bandung, a creative city ripe with business and leisure  travellers alike.

With every opening of a YELLO Hotel, they celebrate their contemporary identity with a street art competition called OFF DA WALL. This event also serves as an introduction to the hotel’s creative approach to hospitality: using art, design and technology to provide a unique guest experience while celebrating the creativity of street art artists.


This tradition is not missed in the opening of YELLO Hotel Paskal – Bandung. From around 70 applicants, only 25 finalists were selected to do live painting with the theme “Paris Van Java” as the history of Bandung during the opening ceremony. The event unveiled a total of six murals from a collaborative work of four international artists, namely Ceet (France), Julien Soone (France), Markus Genesius (Germany), Rebecca O’Brien (the US) and four Indonesian artists, Stereoflow, Olderplus, Yello Dino and Andre 14K. “The artistic and cultural collaboration between OFF DA WALL Jakarta and YELLO Hotels is a work of passion for urban art. It was quite challenging to make the artists collaborate and blend different cultures, from West and East in order to create amazing artworks,” says Claire Thibaud-Piton, curator and executive producer of this event. The results, which now are displayed on the wall and facade of YELLO Hotel Paskal – Bandung, bear the testimonies of the awesome collaboration. It is built by positive atmosphere and incredible synergy.

The hotel features 150 rooms and three meeting rooms that can accommodate between 25-100 people. There are Netzone, Gaming Station and Chill Spot at the lobby for guests to indulge in a unique experience. Fully equipped with a modern infinity pool, guests can get a view of the city whilst taking a dip. Wok’N’Tok, the hotel’s 24/7 restaurant, featuring street food-inspired menu such as Rendang Fried Rice with Smashed Chicken. The restaurant also offers room delivery service for guests.


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