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Bridging the Gap

Legendary architect Zaha hadid, renowned for her great cultural institutions around the world, has won the international competition along with Leonhardt, Andrä & Partner and Sinotech Engineering Consultants to design the new Danjiang Bridge in Taipei. The bridge will increase connectivity between neighbourhoods and reduce traffic on local roads by linking both sides of the Tamsui River. By extending the Danhai Light Rail Transportation (DHLRT) system and the pedestrian area, the bridge will enhance accessibility to Bali District and Taipei Harbor, the region’s busiest shipping port. Spanning over 920 meters, the build is supported by a singular concrete mast, making it the world’s longest single-tower, asymmetric cable-stayed bridge. The construction is engineered to be as slim as possible to minimize any interference with popular sunset viewing points along the river and in accordance with the protection programs of the estuary’s ecosystems.

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