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A Taste of Luxury

Location, space and tasteful design are elements in creating luxurious residences. A harmonious combination of these can be found in a new house designed by husband and wife duo, Gunawan Susantyo and T. Mariza from Studio Dezign. Let’s see what’s inside.


Boasting a location in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, one of the most prestigious residential addresses in the country, already hints to the house’s luxury. It relishes in Neo-Classical architecture that stands out among its neighbourhood.

The gate leads to a spacious carport that continues to a garage. There is a black stone staircase on the side of the carport, which sweeps up to the sophisticated French iron door. This area is surrounded with manicured landscape of the front yard.


The luxury ambience can be felt right from the entrance. The wide foyer has a decorative marble flooring, with a majestic dome on top. Next to the foyer, the Guest Area is decorated with a hue of white and blue, a Chinoiserie style with its own twist.

At the back of the foyer sits the main living room, the largest space in the house. It has a double-height ceiling and an open access to the dining room and pantry, which makes this space even more grandeur. The ceiling is jewelled with stained glass that provides natural lighting during the day. The Neo-Classical style in this space is truly portrayed through the symmetrical profiled panels on the walls, with a two-quarter winder staircase in the background. An array of furnitures in neutral tones are arranged in the centre of the space, completed with a maroon 3-seater sofa, light grey armchairs, marbled table and a unique credenza which sits on one side as an accent. The décor is arranged symmetrically, with a painting of white parrots sandwiched in between two red vases.


The living room connects us directly to the dining room, which also stands before the pool-viewed backyard terrace. In contrast to the bright living room, the dining room is designed in murky romantic colours — the walls and columns are covered in dark green, while the chairs are upholstered in blue green fabric with hints of gold in its decoratives. While the living room feels more contemporary, elegance in the dining room is brought with rich classic details — from the crystal chandeliers, wall decorations, down to the dining set.

The designers also put a four-seater dining table at the nook of this room where the family can gather for meals. A pretty white pantry and an island sits nearby. This corner is showered with daylight, as it is located right next to the swimming pool at the back of the house.


The backyard terrace has the best view of the swimming pool area. There is a daybed at the corner of the space for the parents to look after the children as they swim and enjoy the view at the same time.

The master bedroom, which has its own living room, shares the same pool view of the backyard terrace. The elegant room is basked in a cream-coloured tone. The elegance continues to the powder room, bathroom and walk-in closet decorated in similar tones. More bedrooms are located upstairs for visiting family members including rooms for young children.


The impeccable architecture is apparent in the grandeur scale and attention to details of the interior — from the staircase, columns, wall partitions, furnitures, even to the finishing of the bathrooms. Each element plays their part to contribute to a cohesive Neo-classical style, giving the owners a wholesome taste of luxury throughout their residence.




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