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5 Unique Luxurious Hotels from United States of America, Europe, to Oceania

The long journey to find well-designed hotels during wintertime has somehow become an annual ritual for me.

Crosby Street Hotel Ext S&T Cropped

SoHo, New York, US

Crosby Street Hotel

The Eclectic Spirit

In order to understand the beauty of this unique hotel, we first should meet the design mastermind behind the venue itself: Kit Kemp MBE from Firmdale Hotels. As an award-winning designer for most of her hotel designs, Kit is an outstanding architect with internationally acclaimed recognition for her individual and original yet innovative approach to interiors. She has her own idea of arranging spaces with a carefree and colorful spirit. Together with her husband Tim Kemp, they collectively own great design hotels, which include The Soho, Covent Garden, Charlotte Street, Haymarket, Ham Yard Number Sixteen, Knightsbridge, and Dorset Square Hotels in London and Crosby Street Hotel in New York.

091006_ 408
091006_ 408

First to open in 2009, Crosby Street Hotel in the heart of SoHo is Kit Kemp’s debut in the US. Built completely new, the façade of this hotel has an olden-days industrial aesthetic that fits perfectly with its surroundings. The minimalist façade of brick, stone and glass with floor-to-ceiling warehouse windows are a tribute to the typical SoHo design characteristic.

The design changes as soon as we arrived at the lobby area, and it immediately brings you to the quirky yet eclectic London style of Kit Kemp’s trademark. The ground floor blends wood, metal, glass and stone. Wide gray oak floorboards sit alongside soaring metal-framed windows and doors that provide abundant natural light. A sophisticated, grown-up look, mixing color, texture and patterns with antique-meets-modern furniture; and stunning collection of contemporary art such as the dramatic 10-foot-tall Jaume Plensa steel sculpture as a human head created from letters of the alphabet are perhaps the best way to describe this area and the hotel’s overall ambience.

091006_ 325
091006_ 325

All 86 rooms and suites in this hotel are individually designed, featuring floor-to-ceiling warehouse style windows. Kit’s quirky and eclectic look here is fresh, colorful but still keeping that perfect balance of classicism, elegance and modernity. Again we see that the combination of colors, texture and patterns on muted color juxtapose sleek modern furniture and specially designed lighting. An odd and out-of-place item such as a floral motif dress mannequin is displayed in some rooms (including my suite) and I have to say it is quite refreshing to see than the usual and predictable hotel décor.

The hotel is also known for other facilities such as The Crosby Bar and the drawing room in deep pink and greay that is characterized by deep patchwork sofas, organic objects in wood and large oil paintings by artist Francois Bard. Other stand-out (and unusual) facilities in this hotel include the private cinema with 99 orange leather Poltrona Frau seats and walls padded in a violet wool; sculpture courtyard featuring a tall organic tree sculpture and suspended pendant lights hanging from above, a native woodland meadow planted with an array of native flowering plants; and a rooftop kitchen garden that supplies the hotel with seasonal produce such as strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, courgettes and many others.

You will always find new details to enjoy at Crosby Street Hotel thanks to the flamboyant design of Kit Kemp that is not only original but also memorable.

Crosby Street Hotel Sculpture Garden NEW

091006_ 314
091006_ 314
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