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Inspiring, compelling and unique – that’s the world of design, and that’s Indonesia Design, Indonesia’s most widely read lifestyle design magazine.

Indonesia Design magazine is rich with in-depth, innovative and exciting content about architecture, art, interior, product design and all of their allied fields from within the archipelago and beyond. We are the proud Bronze winner of the Asian Media Awards 2015 for Best Magazine Overall Design.

Celebrating our 16th year of publication this year, we remain steadfast in analyzing the application of design in various disciplines, highlighting emerging talents and introducing fresh ideas. We publish a total of 6 editions annually in English, each bearing a theme that varies based on the latest design developments and market trends in Indonesia.

We engage a total readership of around 40,000 from high-net-worth decision makers, developers, consultants, contractors, hotel management companies and creative professionals to academics and students, all who seeks up-to-date coverage from the design world.

We are the only design magazine available in Garuda Indonesia’s first and business classes in-flight and executive airport lounges; we are also the only design magazine available at several premium bank lounges (such as BCA and BNI) as several luxury 5-star hotels and the homes and offices of foreign ambassadors in the country. You can find Indonesia Design in major bookstores in Indonesia or if you are based overseas, you can subscribe to and read our magazine on your iPad and Android.

Editorial Outline

Highlight a new facility or
refurbishment of an existing
property or product.
In-depth coverage relating to
the theme of the edition.UP CLOSE & PERSONAL
features professionals who
share their knowledge and
design concepts.
analyze all the best design
products, their design process
and the designers behind
presents theme specific
designs with the aim to inspire
the reader.
a column emphasizing how
art enhances design trends.DESIGN OVERSEAS
Reviews innovative designs
from all over the world.
Explores the rich cultural
designs found throughout
provides the latest
promotional offers from the
hospitality industry.
Displays hospitality designs
and facilities.
Reporting on the latest news
and events related to design
and architecture.


Online Editorial Concept

Indonesia Design has continuously built our web presence with engaging contents packaged in unique and creative ways. We categorize our site into blog, edition, event, and competition sections.

At the launch of every print edition, we publish the articles featured in the magazine on our website. We also keep an archive of previous editions for interested parties.

Our commercial partners, from restaurateurs, hoteliers, event organizers to product designers seek us to drive awareness to their businesses through reviews on our blog and/or wide-reaching ad placements. We also publish weekly article series featuring lifestyle or entertainment related themes for light reads.

All of these web contents are regularly shared on our social media channels at strategic times for optimized exposure. Once web visitors land on Indonesiadesign.com, they will be pleased to see the website features a clean theme that’s visually pleasing and easy to navigate for a frictionless experience.
Alternatively, we can help drive awareness to quick company updates, such as product launches and event invitations by posting short posts on our social media channels.



Instagram: @indonesia.design


Beneficial & Promotional Events

Indonesia Design (iD) aims to increase our promotional activities by organizing a variety of events (seminars, competitions and exhibitions) to actively connect with our readers, advertisers and featured designers.

iD is also the proud organizer of various events such as:

1. Indonesia Design editions’ Cocktail Launch Party
2. Luncheon or Dinner with targeted and special attendees
3. Indonesia Design’s Anniversary Celebration Event
4. Seminar and Talk Show


Advertisement, Rates and Dates


We have 6 Regular Editions, published every 1st of every even month and the 2019 PUBLICATION & MATERIAL DEADLINE are as follows:
February – March …………..10 January
April – May …………………..10 March
June – July ………………………10 May
August – Sept ……………………10 July
October – November …………10 September
December – January ………10 November

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